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2020 Orbea Rallon M20 – Green / Orange


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2020 Orbea Rallon M20 – Green / Orange

A new spec’d model to the range in the 2020 Orbea Rallon M20 – Green / Orange. Bringing you a full carbon fiber enduro machine well under £4k!

£3499 to be precise and still packs a punch straight out the box. Fox 36 Performance grip 3 fork now coming stock at 170mm paired with DPX2 Performance shock out back. The Rallon frame is now 160mm travel for 2020 with 170mm upfront which really brings it into the big enduro market.

Orbea uses what they call “concentric boost” on the Orbea Rallon by making the rear axle spacing 148mm and moving the chainline outboard by 3mm. This means it increases space at the bottom bracket which results in being able to increase tyre clearance while keeping swingarm rigidity. This results in a more durable, nimble handling bike that can track better through the rough stuff.

The Asymmetric frame design offers unique advantages beyond stiffness and low weight. The shock is mounted in a position that makes it extremely easy to access the damper controls without a frame support in the way. Adjusting progressivity on the shock with volume spacers is easy to do while on the bike.

The 12mm offset shock also allows for a much lower standover which we noticed straight away when they released the R5. That combined with the lower BB makes you feel like you are really in the bike instead of sat on top.

It’s the difference between the tentative first go of the year and the ripping third lap of a midsummer day. It’s the ease of knowing your suspension is dialed. It’s a boost of confidence, speed and control when a bit more of any could make a winning formula. Enduralin is the extra bit of fun that turns a good ride into a great one – the shouting of the crowd, a flow state of euphoria, cowbells, chainsaws, accelerated reaction time and enhanced perception. It’s the difference between a Good Time and All-Time.

2020 Orbea Rallon M20 Spec

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2020 Orbea Rallon Geometry and Sizing

2020 Orbea Rallon M20 - Green / Orange; 2020 Orbea Rallon M20;


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