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Ninjaz Gloves

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Ninjaz Gloves

Ninjaz gloves are taking over the freeride/slopestyle scene and are the glove of the Masters of Dirt athletes. Nicolai Rogatkin is taking slopestyle to the next level with huge tricks that no one is coming close to and having a glove that is durable with a superior fit is one of the things that helps him along the way. It may sound stupid but all these small points add up to feeling more comfortable on the bike and more relaxed.

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The guys at Ninjaz gloves love tattoos, Like to party, Love extreme sports and like to make a sick glove! They dont like to shout about it, they want you to buy it because its the right glove for you. They believe that their gloves are better than the competition and you will make the right choice when you come to choosing a new pair of hand slippers.

Ninjaz Gloves Features

-4 way stretch panels for comfort
-Double stitched for durability
-Zig Zag stitching to prevent tears
-TPR injection mouded logo
-Neoprene embossed printing for improved fit

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