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DMR Brendog DeathGrips


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DMR DeathGrips x Brendog

Brendan’s DMR DeathGrips is the second collaboration with DMR Bikes and Brendog. They are a firm favourite in the shop with some great grip options from colour choice, thin or thick, soft or hard compound.

‘I wanted to make the ultimate grip to go on all my bikes: AM to DH. I combined the following features and the DEATHGRIP is what we ended up with!’ – BRENDAN FAIRCLOUGH


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DMR Brendog DeathGrip Features

The Death Grips use a tapered core on the end of the grip so no need for an outer lock ring but you do have to make sure you give them a good wack to fit them on properly. See the video below for Brendogs precise way of fitting his signature grips.

If you follow Fairclough on social media you will know he loves to jump on a motocross bike when he can which is where the grip is influenced from, using a waffle and knurled surface for supreme grip and feel with the mushroom for comfort in the grip.




Available in Thin (29.8) or Thick 31.3 and Soft (20a Kraton) or Hard (25 Vexk) for your preference and durability.

Now in more colours than ever you will struggle to not find a match for your ride!

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Gul Yellow, Marble Pink, Marble Red, Miami, Tribe, Black, Black Flangeless, Blue, Camo, Grey, Gum, Pink, Purple, Red, Snow Camo, Tango, Yellow


Thick/Hard, Thick/Soft, Thin/Hard, Thin/Soft


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