Production Privee R2R Stealth Stem


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Production Privee R2R Stealth Stem

The Production Privee R2R Stealth Stem is forged first and then CNC at 70%, Getting the stem forged first allowed amazing strength for an Enduro stem, much higher than any full CNC stem And thanks to the CNC time saved, we offer the R2R STEALTH at a better price than the first version. For 2015 Production Privee produced a new R2R Stem called the R2R Stealth.

The new matt finish is far stronger than a standard anodized stem and will keep the R2R STEALTH looking fresh for many years. Without a doubt the new R2R STEALTH is the perfect stem for the lover of great products and for those who love to spend more time riding than chatting on bike forums.

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Some of the R2R’s shapes are a wink to the famous Corvette Stingray, for example the cap steering tube screws relate to the ones from the C1 and C2 headlight, The R2R’s body curves remind us of the back wing of the C3. Some others winks are hidden as well!

The R2R stem and the Production Privee LGB 780 Handlebar are a match made in heaven. Combining both insures very high performance! Matching artworks and setting features in both stem and bar insure you to find the perfect set up in a few seconds.

Clamp Diameter – 31.8mm
Length – 50mm or 65mm

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50mm, 65mm, 45mm


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