SLAP ME HARD Chainstay Protector


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SLAP ME HARD Chainstay Protector

As simple as possible this is a chainstay protector with a bit of radness and humour thrown in from the guys at Production Privee.


PLEASE NOTE: All “SEND NUDES” Chainstay protectors should be available for shipping Late August / Early September.


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These are made to fit the Production Privee Shan N5 but do also fit the Shan GT and Shan 27 but just a tiny bit loose in the middle. Please make sure if you are purchasing for another bike that your chainstay is no bigger than 80mm in circumference. If it is the only other option would be to zip tie it on.

SLAP ME HARD Chainstay Protector Features 

  • Rad
  • You will be the coolest Mofo on the trails
  • Sick as Hell
  • Protects Chainstay
  • Make sure your Chainstay is no bigger than 80mm in circumference as these were made for the Shan N5.

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"Slap Me Hard", "Send Nudes", "Steel is Real"


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