We Welcome Transition Bikes For 2017

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Transition Bikes

We are so stoked here at D&D Cycles to welcome Transition Bikes to our already exciting and exotic brands for 2017!

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Why did we choose Transition?

Apart from them selling like hot cakes as obviously we are a business, everything they do appeals to us. The cosmetics of the bikes they make are absolutely stunning and we all know when it comes down to it 70% of your choice comes down to what they look like. We are super fussy when it comes down to how good a bike looks and performs, the smooth lines from the TR500, Patrol, Scout, Smuggler are exactly what we look for. We absolutely hate messy looking bikes and linkage systems.

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We love the way Transition run their company its all about ‘FUN’ as you can clearly see by the acronyms they use on their bikes, ‘Giddy up'(linkage system), ‘T.I.T.S'(Tubes Inside Tubes, Fully guided inner cable routing), their videos they make for new bikes and following them through the social media platforms. If we didn’t own our own bike shop I wouldn’t hesitate to try get a job with them 😉

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What’s New with Transition Bikes for 2017?

So… Some big news from Transition for 2017 as they have bought out a stiffer, lighter, making it even more playful than it already is… the Transition Scout is now available in Carbon! All the details on this can be found here: Transition Scout Carbon where you can Pre-order a frame only, complete bike or a build kit which will be built by us and PDI’d before sending out FOC to anywhere in the UK.

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Also some tweaks have been made but only on the Patrol and Patrol carbon so far. This involves the new Rockshox Super Deluxe & Deluxe Shocks now being made in metric sizing making life a lot easier for frame manufacturers and brings the sizing of shocks down to only 18 from something silly like 82. The Group of suspension manufacturers say that metric sizing significantly simplifies shock sizing and fitment while also providing performance benefits to both suspension and frame designs which is always good right? You can find all the ins and outs here on Pinkbike as its quite long winded.

The Transition bikes Patrol and Patrol Carbon was used as the guinea pig bikes for making this new metric size shock as it has been one of the most talked about bikes in 2015-2016 and rightly so its a awesome piece of kit that can provide sooooooooooo much fun!! Which is shown in the absolute banger of a edit below by Caldwell Visuals.

Farmer on Patrol MK1 from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

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Will we have Transition Demo Bikes Available?

First off we will be building a custom Transition Patrol Ally in the Neon Teal Gloss with some high end components which you will have to wait and see as it will involve a nice new brand for us! 😉

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The demo will be available in a large as it is the most popular size. Sorry if you are small but we are too as a business and don’t have the funds to have one in all sizes! But that doesn’t mean we wont be able to get hold of one just give us a call on 01243 698689 and we will do our best to see what we can do.

Further down the line we will also be building up a Scout Ally again it will be in a Large.

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We are super excited for these to arrive come September with Pre-Orders already taking place by customers and the first drop is almost sold through!

We are really looking forward to some custom builds with such a great range of products like Hope, Renthal, Chromag, DT swiss, Spank, SRAM, Shimano, Raceface, Maxxis, Schwalbe, Stans Notubes, Production Privee with new brands to be announced soon… the list is endless so don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01243 698689 with our friendly selves at D&D Cycles. It’s a real personal touch here at D&D Cycles as its just Me (Dan) and Dave the owners that you will be chatting to with a wealth of experience in the industry.

To view the full range of 2017 Transition bikes just click HERE and you can pre-order a frame or complete bike with just a click of the mouse! We do offer 0% finance up to 36 months with a minimum 10% deposit to make life easy.

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