The New Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon Is Here!

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The New Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon is here! The Daytona changed everything. It’s the most iconic, most storied and most chosen Downhill, Freeride and BMX race helmets in bicycling history. First introduced in 1996, the legendary Daytona leads the modern era of mountain biking and BMX with a magical blend of style and innovation. The Daytona and its successors, the D2 and D3, have been worn by more MTB and BMX heroes—and have collected more titles, medals and accolades and YouTube views than any other helmet in history. And now, the all-new D4 Textreme® Carbon Fiber and D4 Composite helmets are ready to chase another era of championships. The perfect blend of Art, Science, Speed and Style, the new D4 will once again change everything.

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To this day the Troy Lee Designs ‘Daytona series’ lineage; Daytona, D2, D3 and now D4 helmets have been the premiere full-face downhill and BMX race helmet for over 2 decades. Every rider aspires to own one and nearly every athlete has worn one at some point in their career. They are the helmet that every brand tries to replicate. Iconic. Legendary. People that ride a bicycle can remember their favorite model of TLD helmet, hell, some can remember their favorite graphic, Iconic. Ask anyone what their favorite bell, fox, smith helmet was and they probably won’t have an answer. The D-series helmets changed mountain biking for the better and that is a fact. Troy noticed early on that Racers needed something safer-he was the first person to make a detachable full face with the edge Helmet and it changed the course of helmet history. There was a time in Downhill history that nearly every pro in the start gate wore TLD helmets-even with lucrative deals from competing brands! This something that will never happen again in our sport, this precedent, this statement born from passion, art, and innovation.

Changes from the D3 Carbon

The Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon has been redesigned using key features from the original D3 but then tweaking and fine-tuning them to make a lighter, more comfortable and safer helmet surpassing all regulations.

The use of TeXtreme Spread tow carbon fiber allows for a lighter more durable shell.

As with the D3, the D4 comes with MIPS Brain Protection System designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts.

Innovative break-away visor screws help reduce the likelihood of snagging during a crash

Whose riding the TLD D4?

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What colors are there in the new TLD D4 Carbon?

As always Troy has offered an insanely sick variation of color and design for the new D4 Carbon helmets, here we have (from top left to bottom right):

  • Stealth – Black/Silver
  • Mirage Sram – Black/Red
  • Mirage – Navy/White
  • Slash – Black/Yellow
  • Slash – Black/White
  • Freedom 2.0 – Black/Red

All helmets are available to order HERE from 12/02/2020 from D&D Cycles